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AISmartz offers Natural Language Processing (NLP) services using a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and linguistics. Our team can help you to integrate NLP capabilities in your applications, bots, and IoT devices for a wide variety of industries to eliminate the complexity and to process documents rapidly. By leveraging our NLP expertise, your enterprise can build a next-generation digital assistant that is contextually relevant, understands the language that people use to communicate, and make better decisions.

What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural language processing (NLP) is the ability of a computer program to understand human language as it is spoken. NLP is a component of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What is Natural Language Processing?
How natural language processing is used today

How natural language processing is used today

You have probably seen people talking into their smartphones and computers, or you may also do it yourself. A decade or two ago, no one would have ever thought this would be possible. The world is advancing, and because of the advancement in natural language processing, our communication devices and voice assistants are now able to send a text message to a specific person or perform specific functions just by speaking with them.

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