Derisk your Machine Learning Project

Early Identification of Risks

  • Is the quality of training images (data) sufficient?
  • Do we need a larger dataset for the desired accuracy?
  • Should we consider a deep neural network or a traditional ML algorithm?
  • Is the right data getting captured in real time?

Structured R&D Process

  • AIML projects are R&D intensive
  • Experiment with a lot of different options
  • Structured and methodical approach to compare various approaches
  • Deliver the most performant solution

Our 3-step Prototyping Approach

AISmartz 3-step Prototyping Approach
Machine Learning Experts Image

Machine Learning Experts

  • Skilled at Risk Mitigation
  • Deep understanding of ML prototyping
  • Follow structured R&D process
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Industrial Applications of Computer Vision

Computer vision holds countless everyday personal and business applications. One may engage them for shopping, for driving, and for so much more....

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