The Business Case for VoiceBots

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  • March 29, 2019

Another Side of Perspective

If you were a late skeptic, and didn’t believe any kind of argument, or case, could be made for voicebots —- as it relates to professional / industry type advancement, then the following information may be what you need to consider. That’s what this piece aims to target. We’ll cover many different aspects, based on relevant research, and more. Recent 2019 Analysis.

You may have already heard of Coupon Follows, especially of their most recent report that has shown that, among multitudinous other astounding findings, nearly half of all Millenials use some form of voice bot as they shop (appx. 45%, to be more precise). And we, of course, could ask the following : “Why can’t businesses use them for their own needs, as well, to get a lot more done?” Voicebots save their users time, effort, and possibly even money as a result.

Of these voice bots, by the way, Google Assistant seems to be the most popular. It’s worth noting. It seems to offer the most overall value.

Out with the ‘Usual’ in Customer Support

Let’s face it and be 100% honest : “Traditional – scale” customer support teams and franchises are yesterday’s news, and before you know it, they’ll soon be out the door entirely. But that’s a good thing. In fact, chat bots have been able to assume numerous customer service touch points all on their own, many of which would take an average human being (even the quickest, most adept, and most intelligent ones altogether) a lot more time to simply learn. Chat bots cut through that learning curve and incorporate more factual, cohesive data at the same time.

Transaction Automation Taken to a Whole New Level

Voice-enabled transactions are truly inevitable, and we can expect them to only take more and more of the stage in 2019 and beyond. Voice pattern recognition, which only gets more accurate by the hour, plays a no – less major role at the center of it all. As voice bots become more and more self-competent and self-dependent, automating all memorized transaction capabilities with greater storage and retention potential, the door truly opens up for more. And it’s amazing to see what these will be able to do, as a whole.

A Few Other Solid Reasons to Incorporate Bots with Business

For one, the very factor of frictionless operations is huge, especially in the eyes of the ever – busier customer in today’s world. Quick, effective value is what the buyer is looking to get with such a product, and these bots are being trained to be far more useful in every aspect of this. Plus, voice AI (Artificial Intelligence) can even be used, here, to better augment all forms of customer insights — even allowing certain customers to express their satisfaction (or lack thereof) vocally, for any product or service purchased, and therefore have their tone of voice, and much more, analyzed.

Business can better study their customers. They can learn their needs more carefully, applying a more personal touch. As such, they’ll be able to use these bots to even target them for future purchases….applying strategic wit.

Conclusion – The Final Word

In summary, this is the ‘business case’ for the modern voice bot, especially the one that has not yet been perfected but is on its way there. We refer to a brighter future, which has already been promised, in which bots will offer far greater impact. They’ll gradually continue to outsource, and overtake the commerce chain, but only in the best ways possible… and that day is not far from us. It is quite at hand.