Connecting to Customers Through AI Fused Email Marketing- Part 2

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  • August 7, 2019

In Part 1 of the marketing with AI series, we covered what email marketing is and the numerous benefits it offers to both businesses and audiences. In this part, we explore how to get our hands dirty and put personalized email marketing into action.

But, before we do that, we need to look at what hinders marketers from succeeding at email campaigns and the roadblocks they usually face when creating personalized email marketing campaigns. Litmus’ survey revealed the following factors at play:

Poor coordination among departments and channels 

Customers come in contact with your brand not only through emails but also through other platforms like social media, websites, advertisements, etc. This calls for a uniform value proposition through all channels which might be missing because the departments managing these channels are not working in tandem with each other.

Quantity and quality of staff available 

Even when coordination and order have been established, the required workforce might not be available. And even if it is, it might lack the skills required for successfully creating and managing email marketing campaigns. 

Poor leadership

​The execution of the campaign suffers if the strategy has been poorly shaped. This directly follows from the people calling the shots, i.e., the marketing heads and mavens. When the torchbearer does not have complete or accurate knowledge, s/he cannot lead the team to success.

Lack of quality content

Wherever content is present, it is king. Even in email marketing campaigns. So, no matter how strategically you chalk out your campaigns, or how much money you spend, a lack of valuable and high-quality content will be your undoing. 

Inability to identify the appropriate target audience

No matter how well you sell, if you aren’t selling to the right audience, your sales effort will fail. Which is why for personalized email marketing campaigns, you need to dig in and identify who you are personalizing your content for and what kind of personalization they like.

The solution to these problems lies in marketing with AI by using automated campaign management system. 

What is it?

An automated campaign management system is an intelligent system which allows you to choose the type of campaign and select the target audience. It then generates personalized email for each target selected by you. With a click of a button, a personalized mail is sent to everyone.

Here is how this system will solve the problems mentioned above in the context of email marketing:

  • It reduces the need for human intervention. Thus, reducing dependency on quality leadership or staff. 
  • Greater segmentation and personalization comes into play. As discussed in Part 1, these are responsible for upping the revenue by 760%.
  • Decisions are data-driven and fact-based, which eliminates the possibility of faulty assumptions and faulty campaigns.

  • Can automatically adjust to the changing market requirements, thus delivering personalized content in a period.

If you are an e-commerce business that wants the success brought about by an intelligent campaign management system, then you can inquire about the AISmartz marketing automation system. Your business and success will undergo a transformation that lands you straight in your ideal audience’s hearts.