The Overview

We assisted the central governing authority of Norway to work on a pilot project to synchronize pet data on a unified portal for vets and pet care hospitals across the country. Our job was to help them with data cleansing and transformation and to streamline and validate data fields across real-time datasets. It also included an insightful management dashboard that made sense of the whole data at a glance. The database consisted of information of each pet including ownership history, breed details, and medical diagnoses history.

The Challenge

While our client had a functional public website, wherein pets could be searched by using the microchip (CHIP) number of the RFID tags, the data mechanism was not adequately structured to allow Clinics and Veterinarians to uniformly use the pilot model countrywide. Moreover, the inherent dashboard didn’t include insights which is a quintessential characteristic of a planned system.

Therefore, Pet Care centers and Veterinarians were using different Pet Management Software's that lacked collated reports and comparative analysis on diagnoses with respect to historical disease records in their region. The client had massive data volume but critical region-wise insights were lost in the noise.

The Solution

The idea was to extract the data from the primary relational database and generate a new flat reporting database with some precalculated datasets as per the business rules shared by the client. The team at AIsmartz coordinated closely with the client’s Data Analysts to correct the data fields to avoid null values and bring uniformity in the data fetching structure. Our team made sure that the data was valid, accurate, complete, and consistent.

The data was transformed within 4 weeks, and a high-performance API suite was developed to extract the data for the new reporting database. Stakeholders, graphs, and tables were defined which could best represent the data to be easily understood by the end-users.

The Results

Our suite of services streamlined their system within the existing web solution, rendering their database accurate and the dashboard actionable. Transformed data was better-organized, properly formatted, and validated. It protected the user web solution from potential landmines such as null values, unexpected duplicates, incorrect indexing, and incompatible formats.

Within the first week of its release to the pilot users, the new system was approved and appreciated and was requested to be released nationwide with no further changes.
At AIsmartz, we understand that different types of data have different transformation needs. We incorporate the best data enrichment and transcription practices to translate your data into a fuel that will drive your business towards success.

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