Revitalizing Medical Documentation with Natural Language Processing

Built a command based voice assistant to be used in Operating rooms that can help surgeons dictate operative procedures, auto-generated post-operative reports, capture images of surgical procedures and extract clips of surgical procedures

Partnering on Data Enrichment for Norway’s Pet Management System

The team at AIsmartz coordinated closely with the client’s Data Analysts to correct the data fields to avoid null values and bring uniformity in the data fetching structure. Our team made sure that the data was valid, accurate, complete, and consistent.

Taxi Mobile Solutions (TMS) embarks on AI journey to elevate its Taxi Booking Platform

In the Taxi business, AI has helped immensely in understanding customers’ needs, their route preferences, spending habits, and communication patterns to solve their commuting issues. On top of it, it has made the passenger experience safer and more customized than ever before. TMS wanted to accelerate the development of its app on these lines to provide its clients- taxi/commercial fleet owners a robust taxi booking platform.

Tagging along with an AgTech company for labeling crop tracking data

While most companies in the business of drone software for data analytics belong to the energy and construction sector, our client is an ag-tech solution provider with a use case of crop-health monitoring system. We were on the job for refinement and churning out its training data for an AI model that analyses diseases in crops.


Miro Al is an award-winning sports analytics Al startup which analyzes millions of bodies and faces across team sports and race events across the globe. Their Al within seconds identifies all legible jersey/bib numbers, player faces, and branded gear information in real time from photos/video captured by photographers. Sporting events include marathons, team sports like football, soccer, ice hockey and basketball.

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Autonomous Vehicles

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Medical AI

We partner with disruptive sports analytics, pharmaceutical and healthcare AI research companies to provide high-quality, secure and HIPAA-compliant data enrichment solutions… read more

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