Our Workforce

Our managed teams keep pace with model iterations and scale requirements by addressing everyday data labeling challenges.

We work on use cases including Medical AI, Autonomous Vehicles, Geospatial Imagery, Customer Service, Retail, and E-commerce.
Our multilevel screened data annotation experts deliver with hands-on experience on enriching and labeling data across text, audio, image, video, and sensory datasets.
Our dedicated project managers guarantee a close feedback loop to deliver a hassle-free one man dealing experience, instead of multiple labeling teams to be trained and handled.
We provide flexible engagement models at pay as you go payment terms. Thus, ensuring transparent and track-able budgets.

How we work


At the backdrop of our labeling operations, there is always a team getting trained at Netsmartz Academy. While your data scientists figure out model iterations and get ready to scale, our readiness avoids lag in throughputs with new team incumbents and maintains quality and speed at scale.

Personnel Discipline & morale

We focus on ensuring that our teams have learned from your business rules. Our workforce is incentivized on accuracy. Project Managers ensure teams don’t face task fatigue caused by repetitive annotations, hence keeping our workforce in a high spirit.

Quality Circles

Accuracy across datasets is maintained with manual sampling by project managers. We follow Gold standard, Consensus, and Random sampling approach.

Continuous Improvement

We strive for improvement by keeping you in the loop on a real-time basis with all our work to seek alterations wherever required via dedicated project managers working on your use case.

What You Can Expect

Your team extension at AIsmartz will feel like your home team. You can expect


We recruit, train, certify and manage a highly qualified workforce with a minimum degree in graduation. These teams are managed by seasoned project managers as they oversee and audit data labeling tasks across your team extensions, thus ensuring accuracy across datasets and efficient fatigue management.


We work with smaller teams that deliver higher data quality. We train them on benchmarked gold standards and business rules to show them what quality work looks like. Depending on your use case requirement, your team could be in sets of 8-10 workers or lesser, led by a project manager. You can scale up or down without any boundation to long term service agreements as per your model iterations


Owing to us having our own Global Network Operations Center (NOC) with staff including ITIL Expert Level Certified members, we are certified Microsoft Gold partners and AWS advance consulting partners. All our employees are NDA covered with encrypted hardware and data security procedures. Your data is in safe hands!

Flexible Pricing

We understand your AI lifecycle. You can specify your manpower and tool needs if you want, or have your labeling task analyzed by our experts for free to get recommendations on best-fit labeling platforms and workforce requirements. Our cost-effective man-hour based data annotation services can be tweaked to model iterations and assist with almost any data use case, regardless of your project being in stealth mode or enterprise-grade.
Impact Sourcing With Our employees are trained under the Ekarma Training Programme. It is an initiative by the department of Higher Education in the state of Haryana, India. In addition to essential digital (tech programming and designing) skill sets, the program aims to provide free training on data analysis and annotation skills to help the youth gain meaningful employment in the AI technology sector.

Our Client's Speak

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