We provide data cleaning and transformation services executed by an end to end managed in-house team, priced on a monthly subscription, with no long term commitments. By partnering with us you get hassle-free access to a scalable managed team of experienced data annotators who can readily work on your in-house tool or the one you feel is the best fit for your use case. You can expect your team extension to enrich data sets at a minimum of 95% accuracy at one of our three state of the art global delivery centers in India.


Machine Learning models understand and predict their visual interactions with the world by banking on their accuracy of ground truth generated by labelled images, videos and 3D/4D sensory data. Our skilled data analysts work with technology companies on their unstructured data sets to accelerate their AI lifecycle and bring Machine Learning to an enterprise grade reality.

Teams at AIsmartz use best annotation and data management practices formed by working on use cases across industries from Autonomous Technology and Geospatial Imagery, to Medical AI and many others.

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As machines work on their ability to build their mark as digital voice assistants, chatbots, insight hunters in legal & financial review apps, algorithms are continuously improved with nuanced business rules.

The struggle is real for machine learning models to read, listen and understand textual and audio data with inherent complexities, while getting generated during conversational interaction.

Our experienced data labelling teams and domain experts understand your use case and the model iterations to work on gathering insights, which ultimately fuels your cutting-edge NLP AI models.

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Use Cases

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles have redefined the concept of mobility and are transforming the entire automotive industry … read more


AI leveraged automation is redefining retail experiences, making it more convenient to shop and manage stores for customers and retailers respectively.… read more

Medical AI

We partner with disruptive sports analytics, pharmaceutical and healthcare AI research companies to provide high-quality, secure and HIPAA-compliant data enrichment solutions… read more

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