Natural Language Processing

Overview Seasoned experts at AIsmartz understand the intricacies of your business and the subtleties in the language required to accurately tag, classify and label the text for training your NLP applications. We also use advanced machine learning models to make better use of your data and scale your text and audio annotations with AI enabled pre labeling, to save time on human annotation efforts.

From information extraction, sentiment analysis, entity extraction, intent classification, to text categorization, our highly skilled professionals can help your organization develop new NLP applications or modernize their existing ones by adding conversational intelligence.

Our Expertise

We help businesses create next-gen conversational technology through innovative NLP solutions, and provide high-quality data labeling solutions, which power analytical and speech-based applications with more accuracy.

NER Named Entity Recognition and Classification

AIsmartz team leverages best-in-class platforms to detect named entities from semi-structured and unstructured text sources with a high degree of accuracy and classifies them into predefined categories. We have come across the usage of NER in medical, financial, and legal AI document applications.


Our analysts perform nuanced topic, document, and discussion analysis to monitor brand reputation and dive into its customer journey to extract, identify, and characterize sentiments.

Audio and Text

Providing the most accurate and cost-effective way to understand your audience with clarity and consistency. From medical and legal write-ups to noisy discussions, our experienced transcription teams cover it all.

Intent, Entity, and Conversation Analysis

Chatbots, digital assistants, and customer service enhancement AI applications bank on data learning processes that are rich with labeled data highlighting user intent, topic classified content, and conversation quality indices. Our data analysts comply with use case business rules to churn out domain-specific annotated textual and audio data.


Identifying context and extracting relevant information from text structures with words with more than one meaning.


Summarising financial reports, legal documents, or news aggregators, our linguistic experts pick the most detailed sentences from your text corpus to construct simple, succinct summaries.


Our experts meticulously annotate and classify the terms into their relevant groups and turn vast volumes of data into accurately tagged insights.

Data Annotation Workflow

Instructions Set

You share your sample data with business rules.

Task Analysis

Our annotation experts share their opinion on workforce hours and tools required for the job

Data Labeling with Checks

Once signed up, our teams work in close contact with you for initial 8 weeks to understand edge cases

Production Grade Annotation

QA Managers monitor throughput closely with gold standards, consensus and sampling

Exported Training Data Feedback

Finished training data run by you for feedback and info on model iterations

Our Observation

Artificial Intelligence is the next go-to tool businesses would want to employ in the near future. While there is an enormous scope of its applications to streamline operations and create customer experiences, the machine learning process holds the key to AI technology use cases. Even the most advanced algorithms may not be able to infer and act upon the ground truth if the ingested data is not of appropriate annotation quality. Thus, data labeling would be the founding block to successful enterprise-grade AI solutions ahead.

Our Client's Speak

Use Cases

Finance and Insurance Tech

We partner with asset management, legal, finance and insurance firms to assist them to embark on their journey of robotic automation of gathering quick insights on lengthy legal, structural and financial data. … read more

Customer Service Automation

With the advent of new generation AI enabled chatbots and virtual assistants, efficient and warm handling of basic queries, assistance replies to product/service oriented feedback is just the tip of the iceberg… read more


Be it e-auction sites, public tenders, taxation, documentary record repositories, or nature, animal, people & demographics information, database management and enrichment is an essential facet of building data authenticity and enhancing user experience... read more

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