Overview AIsmartz works with Government agencies, E-Commerce merchants, Customer Services ML platforms, and Medical AI startups to clean, transform, validate and enrich data that best serves our clients’ business rules and their customer offering.

Our skilled workforce has gathered experience over the last 4+ years to execute data processing and content moderation tasks with accuracy & speed to bring value to the data ecosystems of our clients.

Our Expertise

Our data processing experts filter unwarranted data by merging validated information, deleting null and duplicate entries, and integrating missing data for a cleaner, unique set of moderated data for our eCommerce, CX, and other digital clients. We consistently deliver by the deadlines with accuracy and cost effectiveness that compliments critical business operations and data models.


Aismartz’s team of content moderators deduplicate and cleanse redundant e-commerce listings to enhance customer searches and overall shopping experiences.


For a planned computing analysis, ground data is foremost. Our seasoned data entry team punches enriched information with 99% plus accuracy to create datasets at scale in the absence of machine-readable versions of the required contextual data.


Our teams ensure users get the same product view in real-time, despite the same SKUs appearing multiple times on your e-commerce site or other aggregator portals, thus ensuring zero ambiguity and pricing discrepancies.


With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being created online on a daily basis, content moderation is something that should utilize people and algorithms both as per the business size and requirements. At AIsmartz, our content teams generally help ecommerce stores by checking and taking action on their content to ensure appropriateness, business safe tagging, and applicability of business rules where sarcasm goes undetected by algorithms.


Our data processing team cleans datasets to remove unwanted trivia, thereby enhancing overall productivity and allowing for the highest quality information in your decision-making.


Data mining experts at AIsmartz convert unstructured data into uniform formats, to homogenize and combine it with structured data for dashboard tool analysis, and to aid new cloud data warehouses.

What You Can Expect

Your team extension at AIsmartz will feel like your home team. You can expect


We recruit, train, certify and manage a highly qualified workforce with a minimum graduation degree. These teams are managed by seasoned project managers as they oversee and audit data processing tasks across your team extensions, thus ensuring accuracy across datasets and efficient fatigue management.


We work with smaller teams that deliver higher data enrichment quality. We train them on benchmark standards and business rules to show them what quality work looks like. Depending on the size of your data, urgency of the task and budget, your team could be in sets of 8-10 workers or lesser, led by a project manager. You can scale up or down without being bound to long term service agreements.


Owing to us having our own Global Network Operations Center (NOC) with staff including ITIL Expert Level Certified members, we are certified Microsoft Gold partners and AWS advance consulting partners. All our employees are NDA covered with encrypted hardware and data security procedures. Your data is in safe hands!

Our Client's Speak

Structuring unstructured databases with dashboard capability

One of the central departments in Norwegian Government wanted to synchronize pet data on a unified pilot portal for vets and pet care hospitals across the country. The department partnered with AIsmartz to help them with data cleansing, transformation, and assist in an insightful management dashboard that made sense of the whole data in one glance.
  • AIsmartz generated a new flat reporting database revealing ownership, breed and medical information on each pet.
  • Our team delivered a high-performance API suite that extracted the data for stakeholders to view graphs and tables that could be easily understood.
  • Within the first week of its beta version use by pilot users, the new system was approved and released for a nationwide usage with no further changes.

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