Be it e-auction sites, public tenders, taxation, documentary record repositories, or people & demographics information, database management and enrichment is an essential facet of building data authenticity and enhancing user experience. AIsmartz collaborates with Government bodies to clean and transform their data with services viz. Categorization, Deduplication, Data Matching, Data Analysis, for management dashboards to reflect accurate datasets.

Bounding Boxes

Computer Vision experts outline artifacts in 2D & 3D for in-depth recognition to identify and classify objects in images and videos for machine learning processes, in use cases such as retail, robotics, drone imagery, and autonomous vehicles.

Polygon Annotation

Our data labeling team outlines the exact shape of the target object to annotate its precise edges effectively by drawing pixel-perfect polygons.

Semantic Segmentation

We classify and label each pixel of an image for fine-grained understanding. It enables image classification with pixel-wise annotation to localize images with intense precision. AIsmartz team segments multiple types of objects in images belonging to a single class at a pixel level.


Data labeling experts at AIsmartz render a deeper understanding of the environment by tracking objects in bounding boxes as they move through a set of video frames. We specialize in object tracking and classification thereby supporting diverse use cases including surveillance, medical

Point of Interest Marking

CV applications with neural networks need to identify important points of interest work best with data inputs that carry coordinates of landmark points and include temporal changes and behavioral trends. We specialize in Point of Interest Marking for Geospatial Technology and landmarking for facial imagery labeling.

NER Named Entity Recognition and Classification (NLP)

AIsmartz team leverages best-in-class platforms to detect named entities from semi-structured and unstructured text sources with a high degree of accuracy and classifies them into predefined categories. We have come across the usage of NER in medical, financial, and legal AI document applications.

Audio and Text Transcription

Providing the most accurate and cost-effective way to understand your audience with clarity and consistency. From medical and legal write-ups to noisy discussions, our experienced transcription teams cover it all.

Semantic Analysis

Identifying context and extracting relevant information from text structures with words with more than one meaning.

(Data Enrichment)

Aismartz’s team of content moderators deduplicate and cleanse redundant ecommerce listings to enhance customer searches and overall shopping experiences.

Data Entry
(Data Enrichment)

For a planned computing analysis, ground data is foremost. Our seasoned data entry team punches enriched information with 99% plus accuracy to create datasets ast scale, in the absence of machine-readable versions of the required contextual data.

Data Cleaning
(Data Enrichment)

Our data processing team cleans datasets to remove unwanted trivia, thereby enhancing overall productivity and allowing for the highest quality information in your decision-making.

Data Transformation
(Data Enrichment)

Data mining experts at AIsmartz convert unstructured data into uniform formats, to homogenise and combine it with structured data for dashboard tool analysis, and to aid new cloud data warehouses.

Structuring unstructured databases with dashboard capability

One of the central departments in Norwegian Government wanted to synchronize pet data on a unified pilot portal for vets and pet care hospitals across the country. The department partnered with AIsmartz to help them with data cleansing, transformation, and assist in an insightful management dashboard that made sense of the whole data in one glance.
  • AIsmartz generated a new flat reporting database revealing ownership, breed and medical information on each pet.
  • Our team delivered a high-performance API suite that extracted the data for stakeholders to view graphs and tables that could be easily understood.
  • Within the first week of its beta version use by pilot users, the new system was approved and released for a nationwide usage with no further changes.

Data Annotation Workflow

Instructions Set

You share your sample data with business rules.

Task Analysis

Our annotation experts share their opinion on workforce hours and tools required for the job

Data Labelling with Checks

Once signed up, our teams work in close contact with you for initial 8 weeks to understand edge cases

Production Grade Annotation

QA Managers monitor throughput closely with gold standards, consensus and sampling

Exported Training Data Feedback

Finished training data run by you for feedback and info on model iterations


Choosing the right Data Annotation Tool

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Use Cases

Finance and Insurance Tech

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Customer Service Automation

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Be it e-auction sites, public tenders, taxation, documentary record repositories, or nature, animal, people & demographics information, database management and enrichment is an essential facet of building data authenticity and enhancing user experience... read more

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