Do you know that 50% of product searches will be made using voice search by 2020?

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  • July 24, 2019

Surprising, but true! Are you ready for this transformation? Artificial Intelligence is a big game changer for eCommerce businesses and other domains.

Artificial Intelligence is being embedded into each and every aspect today. From fraud detection to customer satisfaction, AI is giving great benefits to various industries and domains. It is hugely anticipated that AI is going to give turbo drive in the coming years with industry giants already investing into the AI initiatives.  Moreover, AI has also given a upper hand to the marketers to reach their customers with unmatched level of personalization and communication.

With its capability to transform business systems, AI has revolutionized the field of eCommerce and given business owners the preferred value with profits. The Artificial Intelligence based processes are helping business organizations to manage processes and achieve better customer satisfaction with retention. Moreover, AI for eCommerce is predicting future trends, engaging customers with personalized shopping experience, helping in inventory management and ultimately transforming the entire eCommerce business model to yield much better results than ever before.