The case for video analytics in businesses

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  • October 16, 2019
video analytics in businesses

Video analytics helps to digitally analyze video inputs. It transforms these inputs into intelligent data that is used for making decisions. This is done by using mathematical algorithms that monitor, analyze, and manage a large number of videos. On an advanced level, audio can also be processed along with the video to carry deeper and more accurate analysis.

Video analytics can be carried out in real-time while an event is taking place or it can happen after the event. According to MarketsandMarkets, the video analytics market is expected to grow from $1,537.9 million in 2015 to $3,971.2 million by 2020.

Technologies behind video analytics

Video analytics is made up of the following 3 tasks:

Object detection

Models can be trained to detect objects, people, and other living things using OpenCV cascades and Tensorflow models. A model can develop the ability to detect multiple objects in a frame or detect objects from multiple classes. The detected image acts as the input for other models.

Object recognition

Once the model is zoned in on the object, it needs to know and tell what it is. A model that can detect a bomb without being able to recognize it is of no use. The model has a sampled dataset containing object features. The detected object is compared against this dataset. Handwriting recognition, face recognition, and number plate recognition all stem from here.

Object tracking

More complex and advanced than the previous tasks, object tracking can be used to detect any sinister behavior. Poses, illuminations, and lighting conditions make it difficult to accurately implement this step.

Use cases of video analytics

Some of the most important use cases of video analytics include:

Traffic violation monitoring system

License plate recognition is a crucial part of this use case. Video analytics and processing can help to detect unlawful elements in real-time. The appropriate team can be informed and/ or dispatched to deal with them. With the help of license plate recognition, tracking the person and their history also becomes says. The law really does become far-reaching and inescapable when there are fixed eyes on it.

Security/ surveillance

Using technologies like license plate detection and face detection, security during public events, sports events, and rallies can be ensured. Any harmful threat can be detected at the entry or before it has a chance to cause harm. Aggressive elements can also be weeded out in time before they cause a disruption at the sight.

Improving the hospital experience

Healthcare providers can use video analytics to improve the overall patient and hospital experience. It can be used to create heatmaps to understand hospital traffic and improve the emergency exit ways. On-site amenities like the pharmacy and eateries can be monitored to understand buyer demographics. Video analytics can also be used for elderly care in homes and old age centers.

Using deep learning and video processing, the efficiency of surveillance and monitoring tasks can be taken to another level. Industries and their working can become more stable and secure. The cumulative time, money, and human effort can be reduced. Thus, businesses that haven’t started using video analytics need to do it as soon as possible!